Safety is the #1 Priority

It is our top priority to ensure that our professional tradespeople go home to their loved ones in as good or better shape than they arrived on a daily basis. This is an initiative that we have been working extremely hard on for roughly ten years. We have built a quality safety program designed to suit our unique industry, and continue to modify and better this program on a weekly basis. CMF Group’s ownership team is committed to hosting weekly safety briefings with our Health & Safety Director and Field Health & Safety representation to understand the challenges and hazards our team faces daily. CMF actively maintains memberships with industry standard safety associations like; Avetta, ISNet World to maintain continuity with our clients and contractors alike. It is our goal to instill a positive safety culture within our organization each and every day.

Daily Safety Meetings/Job Hazard Analysis

CMF Group holds daily morning safety briefings at every job site. These meetings are to communicate the challenges and potential hazards that may lie within our scope of work that day. This daily exercise not only ensures that our employees are aware of any hazards related to the tasks at hand, but it also gives them the opportunity to present ideas on how to improve worksite conditions.


We are committed to training all of our employees and to give them the necessary tools to successfully carry out their unique trade. Through our partnership with the Millwright, Ironworker, and Operating Engineer unions training has become a top priority in recent years. It is paramount that we are employing the most highly trained people in our industry, and the aforementioned trades have come a long way with ensuring this shared initiative.

Equipment Safety

CMF Group relies heavily on the specialized hoisting and rigging equipment in our fleet. Not only are we committed to training our staff on our fleet of specialty equipment as mentioned previously, but we also are very diligent in the daily inspection and maintenance of this equipment. It is a major part of our safety protocol that our equipment is inspected, documented, and maintained daily. Our supervision team is meticulous about the condition of our fleet and reporting any issues to our in house mechanic department.